From complex to successfully settled

Kevin and his wife were both professionals from China who needed an expert to guide them through the visa and migration process. The perfect outcome was them both settling into their respective fields in Adelaide.


The Challenge

Kevin and his wife, both from China, were working professionals in the fields of aviation and medical science, and were both seeking to settle permanently in Adelaide. Their own research had shown them that the visas they needed were going to be a challenge to obtain, and they’d also had friends who had tried – and failed – to get visas. They knew they needed an expert to guide them.


The Journey

The couple needed to get their visas efficiently, and time was of the essence. They met with Vivian from V Migration, as Adelaide has only a handful agents with good reputations, and Vivian came highly recommended. They knew they couldn’t afford any mistakes, and couldn’t lose any time or money. They needed a true expert who know the entire process.


The Solution

Kevin and his wife engaged V Migration and said, “We needed this done right, and it was. Vivian really cared for us and cared for our visa process. She’s a problem-solver, kept us informed all the way through, and was successful in getting us both the visas that we needed to permanently settle and start a family in Adelaide. She has a top reputation and lived up to it.”