Personalised Migration Solutions

V Migration offers a full suite of expert migration services. More importantly, we want our clients to feel confident in the process, understand our advice, and be comfortable with the professional working relationship.

Visa & Migration Solutions

V Migration works with our clients on a tailored solution, every time. Your own circumstances, information and background influence our strategic advice, giving you the best path to a successful visa plan and migration to Australia, whether you’re a student, worker, investor, partner, spouse or family member.

General Skill Migration

We’re focused on a tailored strategy for our skilled migration clients, and we start by understanding their professional background so we can offer the best visa options. We help them understand the costs, time, pros and cons so our clients can make an informed decision to achieve a successful migration.

Business Migration

Business investment migrations are often about connecting two countries. Beyond visa documents, we break down language barriers for Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and Vietnamese speakers, understand the laws in their country of origin, and have partner law and accounting firms with the right skills for successful investments. Our services for investors go far beyond visas.

Student Visa

Student visas rely on a successful school enrolment and visa application, and the work doesn’t stop when the visa is obtained. V Migration stands by our student visa clients and provides advice when they need it most, such as for a course change, transfers, or trouble with their school performance. We take the extra steps to help get started with accommodation, internet and other settling in matters.

Partner/Spouse Visas

Visas and migrations involving family, such as partner or spouse, carers, adoptions, remaining relatives and same sex marriage, are complex and an area of specialty for V Migration. We are respectful of our client’s circumstances and have a strong track record bringing them and their loved ones together in Australia.

State Nomination

Skilled nomination visas generally need to move forward with efficiency and minimise the impact on the client applicant and their nominating employer. We bring our expertise and professionalism to the table and handle everything from paperwork to communications so that work can start as soon as possible.

Reviews & Appeals

V Migration has a strong track record handing migration reviews and appeals. In many cases, we work with clients when their visa has been refused and they need to go to tribunal or court. We have an impressive list of tribunal wins and the team encourages you to work with the experts to resolve your review or appeal.