About Us

V Migration is a dynamic, modern, specialist migration agency. We’re based in Adelaide and service clients all around Australia, China, Vietnam and Malaysia. Every client enjoys a unique visa strategy underpinned with expert knowledge to maximise success.

A strategic approach

Choosing the right migration specialist is one of the most important decisions our clients make, and it needs to be the right fit. For over 18 years, V Migration has obsessed over every tiny detail of the (often complex and difficult) Australian visa and migration process on behalf of our clients.

We are Australian locals

We are problem-solvers. We love what we do and create visa strategies with true enthusiasm, using our knowledge to make the process easy for our clients.

We communicate clearly so our clients trust the process, have confidence, and enjoy their connection with us. If Australian migration rules or processes change, we are first to know about it, and adjust our clients’ strategies for success.

Today, many migration processes have moved online, and as a result, so have many of ours. This has opened up clearer communication, made vast distances feel much closer, created faster ways of connecting and working, and V Migration was one of the first Australian firms to use technology to make things easier for our clients.

Every team member at V Migration is highly skilled, qualified, expert and love what they do, which our clients feel every time they talk to us. We encourage you to contact us for an initial consultation and understand us for yourself.

Meet The Team

Your V Migration team of experts is with you for every step of your visa process and migration journey, offering support, strategic advice, and ensuring every avenue is explored in the utmost professional manner. 

Vivian Lim


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