Personalising your Australian Dream

V Migration is an Adelaide-based migration firm that puts people first, acts with empathy, and gives clients confidence about achieving their Australian dream. 

About V Migration

The team at V Migration, led by Vivian Lim, are all experts in our field and have embraced the future of migrating to Australia. For over 18 years, we have put our clients first: designing tailored migration strategies with fresh, motivated, and adaptable minds.

Our Services

We work closely with our clients on a wide range of visa services, whether their case is simple, or complex. Always starting with success in mind, we listen, offer the right advice, and design a tailored migration strategy for every client, no matter their situation.

Our clients have something to say

We’re proud to share the voices of some of our valued clients. These are just some of our clients who have successfully migrated to Australia with our help, support and advice. They wanted to share their experience, working alongside Vivian and our V Migration team, on one of the biggest moves of their lives.